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Bullitt Car Chase Locations

Filming Locations for Bullitt, in San Francisco. in 2020

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Filming Locations for Bullitt, in San Francisco. in 2020

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Writing for TV Guide in 1973, Yates said, “The chase didn’t exist in the script,” and noted that, after numerous rewrites, D’Antoni suggested “there had to be a car chase somewhere in ‘Bullitt.

Bullitt car chase locations.

Bullitt (1968) Movies, TV, Celebs, and more… Brisbane, California, USA (last part of car chase on Guadalupe Canyon Pkwy, ending when the Charger crashes at North Hill Dr)
Bullitt filming locations detailed on Google Maps While playing around with Google Maps, we discovered that a user posted a map detailing the exact route of the legendary *Bullitt *chase scene.
The emphasis on realism drove the chase scene in “Bullitt” right down to the soundtrack. Rather than use high-energy music to support the heart-racing action, the 10-minute car chase showcased the throaty roar of the engine, frenetic downshifting, and squealing tires, which helped earn the film an Academy Award nomination for Best Sound.

Lieutenant Bullitt takes the cab from Enrico’s back to his car, a dark-green 1968 Ford Mustang, parked near Highway 101 and Army Street (Cesar Chavez Street today). The gunmen from the Hotel Daniels, in a Dodge Charger, spot Bullitt and he spots them.
Bullitt tracks down Weissberg – 2560 Marin St. San Francisco, Ca. 94124 The CHASE – Columbus Ave. and Chestnut St. San Francisco, Ca. 94133 Filbert St. and Taylor St. San Francisco, Ca. 94133
This movie’s chase scene is amazing. It’s a 1968 movie, and its chase is better than most of new ones. They only had one camera car, a modified Corvette, and McQueen drived in some of the scenes (just like in Le Mans). This is probably the most famous chase ever, and one of the best. — Last edit: 2013-08-11 08:25:19: somename 2013-07-02 19:36

Weissberg returns Bullitt to the car wash at Bayshore near Marin. This area has changed substantially since April of 1968 and this is how it appears in 2002. The famous car chase features a wild drive through several picturesque parts of San Francisco. The chase was filmed in a variety of disparate locations and there is little continuity.
Bullitt set a precedent for hard talking, hard boiled cop thrillers, not to mention an eleven minute car chase sequence through beautiful San Francisco that holds up 45 years later, as one of the.
The chase continues west toward the Golden Gate Bridge, picture taken from marina Boulevard. A scene cuts to Russian Hill, North Beach area of San Francisco. Bullett heads east on Filbert Street, has you can see both Coit Tower and Saints Peter are visible to the left of my picture.

The total time of the car chase scene is 10 minutes and 53 seconds, beginning in the Fisherman’s Wharf area at Columbus and Chestnut, followed by Midtown shooting on Hyde and Laguna Streets, with shots of Coit Tower and locations around and on Filbert and University Streets.
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Many car chases occur in the movie, but the 10 minutes long one is the most iconic Bullitt car chase scene. Namely, Bullitt himself drives the 390-powered 1968 Mustang GT Fastback in pursuit of the furious Dodge Challenger. The chase takes place in San Francisco`s Fisherman`s Wharf area and goes all the way to the city`s midtown area.

Answer 1 of 16: Steve McQueen’s chase scene in the movie Bullitt is a classic chase scene. I have driven some of it in North Beach, but not the whole route. It is on the bucket list. But will have to borrow or rent the perfect car for…
Bullitt is also notable for its car chase scene through the streets of San Francisco, which is regarded as one of the most influential in movie history. In 2007, Bullitt was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress, as “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.
Bullitt still ranks high among car-chase enthusiasts. Several websites are devoted to information and trivia about the 10-minute sequence. Others have posted ”then and now” images of chase.

To say that Bullitt had a car chase scene is like saying Steve McQueen was a good actor. Both are arguably gross understatements. The history-making car chase from Bullitt is still considered the gold standard for which all such scenes are held to today. McQueen hadn’t planned on a driving double– in fact, he firmly…
Where to find the set locations from “BULLITT”? This page was created in 2004 with Anthony Bolognas pics from the mid 90ies For an update of locations (pics as of 2006) see also our webgallery done for the Bullitt Nationals 2006 (courtesy of Michael Gullery) Pics from the Motortrend Sept/Oct. 2006 photoshooting here Google Map data – map created for Bullitt Nationals 2006, courtesy Greg Autry.
But then Bullitt was released in 1968 with the most realistic depiction of a car chase movie-goers had ever seen. Bullitt essentially did for movie car chases what Star Wars did for science.

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