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How much does a Car Salesman make? The national average salary for a Car Salesman is £15,180 in United Kingdom. Filter by location to see Car Salesman salaries in your area. Salary estimates are based on 26 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Car Salesman employees.

How much do car salesman make in commission.
A car sale that results in the minimum commission is called a “mini” in the car business, and salespeople hate minis. For the most part, new vehicle sales are all minis. Unless you’re selling a hot model for sticker, you’re not likely to make more than $75 to $150 when you sell a new car.
Questions Salespeople Ask Me About Car Salesman Commission: How much do you make per month? Over the last seven years, I’ve made between $100k and $240k per year selling luxury cars. This is a striking fact to some, and the basis for my opinion on if car sales is a good career..
So, if you sell a car for $20,000 and the dealership makes a $5,000 profit, you’d earn $1,000 based on a 20-percent commission rate. Since more sales equal more money, it’s hard to put a figure on the average car salesman salary across the industry – it really depends on your location, customer demographics, type of cars you’re selling.

How much do car salesman really make? Read this Car Salesman Confidential blog to find out — only from Motor Trend.. the salesperson was guaranteed a $300 commission. This was done to motivate.
As we’ve explained, a car salesman’s salary can be a very changeable thing. Ask some experts how much car salesmen make per car and they’ll tell you it’s as little as $300 per sale, while others will tell you it’s $1500, or more.
Commission. Many dealerships offer a salesperson 20 to 35 per cent of vehicle’s profit. Sometimes the percentage is paid on a sliding scale, meaning the salesperson will make 20 per cent of profit until he sells at least 12 cars, at which point she is paid 25 per cent of profit.

Average Car Salesman Salary – $42,150. Your average car salesman makes about $42,150 per year, which is a pretty good amount of money for someone to make.
Salesman pay plans can be very complicated and may allow the car salesman to make money several different ways. For example, making commission from the gross profit of a single car sale, but also from in-house and manufacturer bonuses, how many cars they sell, which cars they sell, and also various other cash spiffs bonuses.
The industry works on 15% markup, so look to knock that in half. Obviously some dealers / cars make more, some break even or make a loss… Salesmen will usually have a very small basic and will need commission to feed their children plus the dealership rent, rates, heat, light, coffee needs to be paid for somehow…

A car saleswoman’s commission varies among departments. Most car salespeople make a 25-percent commission on gross profit minus a small “pack fee.” This fee is typically around a few hundred dollars. All in all, the typical car salesman pay usually adds up to about $250 or $300 per car. Some dealerships have a minimum commission of around $125.
So if you’re an average salesman and you sell 10-12 cars a month, which is the national average, and each car you sell is a $550 commission, what have you made? $6600. Or $79,200 a year before taxes. Not bad, depending on where you live . . . but hardly the life of Donald Trump.
An average salesperson, and by average I mean someone who sells around 8 cars a month, will make between $3,000 to $4,000 a month. Above average sales people, those selling between 10 to 12 cars a month, will earn somewhere between $4,000 to $6,000 a month.

Scary Car Salesman Earnings. Let’s take a little closer look at these numbers about how much do car salesmen make. If we break this down a little further the bottom 10% of car salesmen (car saleswomen included) are earning about $18,000 a year and the top 10% are earning about $75,000 a year or more.If we break that down even more the bottom 10% are earning an average of hourly wage of about.
Not bad for one sale, but what there is much more involved when it comes to car salesman commission and compensation. Let’s take the example of the car above where the invoice cost is $18,000 and you sold the car for $18,200.
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It depends on the plan and the type of sales. I worked at a dealership that had four different sales departments. We had new car sales, used car sales, new car Internet sales, and used car Internet sales. When I first started in new cars, we had…
When I do finally sell a car, I might make a minimum commission, which at my dealership is $125. When you divide that by 60 to 90 hours a week, it’s nothing.” Smith agrees, citing an average.
Car Dealer’s Pack. Another important factor that impacts the amount of commission a car salesman makes on a new car sale is “the pack.” A dealer makes money on the “pack” which is an arbitrary amount added to invoice for preparation, carrying costs or any other cost the dealer chooses.

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